As a non-resident, do I have to file a Canadian tax return when I invest with Assante Connect?

That depends on the type of income you earn from Canadian sources. If the only income you earn is Type XIII, which is deducted at source, you don’t need to file a Canadian tax return. 

Let’s say you earn additional types of income, such as capital gains or pension income. In that case, you need to file a return. That could be a good thing, actually as you might get a refund on some of the Type XIII taxes! Review the CRA's site for more details. 

What if your country of residence has a tax treaty with Canada? In that case, you may be able to reduce the Type XIII withholding taxes on income earned on your investments (such as dividends). However, if your country does not have a tax treaty with Canada you would likely be subject to the maximum withholding taxes on income. 

Got more questions about taxes? Unfortunately, Assante Connect is not an accredited tax specialist we encourage you to get in touch with one. 

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