Growth ETF Portfolio

What you get with Assante Connect ETF Portfolios

  • Access - ETFs provide the means to access global opportunities, quickly and cost-effectively. 
  • Choice - 5 Portfolio solutions designed to align risk tolerance and investment objectives, and to complement any existing holdings.
  • Opportunity - Exposure to evolving market opportunities with the aim of helping create and preserve wealth for the long-term.
  • Active - Experienced management team specializing in portfolio design, asset allocation and risk management.

Portfolio Summary

This portfolio is perfect for investors seeking long-term growth who are comfortable with 100% exposure to stock market risk in exchange for more growth potential.

Target Portfolio Composition

*Target asset allocations can vary by plus or minus 10%. 

Portfolio Information as of April 30, 2022

Fund Ticker Breakdown
CI First Asset MSCI Canada Quality Index Class ETF FQC 33.5%
CI First Asset MSCI International Low Risk Weighted ETF (Unhedged) RWX.B 25.5%
Vanguard S&P 500 Index ETF VFV 20.0%
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets All Cap Index ETF VEE 19.0%
CI Gold Bullion Fund VALT 2.0%


Portfolio MER

By favouring ETFs managed by our Related Registrants, we have not considered other securities that may have characteristics, such as cost structure or past performance, similar or superior to the ETFs managed by our Related Registrants. 

Although Assante Connect believes the obtained information provided from third-party sources to be reliable, Assante Connect does not guarantee the information and disclaims any liability associated with the use of these performance results. Source: Morningstar Direct. For full details of calculation please contact [email protected] 

Assante Connect is a division of WealthBar Financial Services Inc (“WealthBar”). WealthBar Financial is a registered Portfolio Manager in all provinces and territories in Canada. Assante Connect is responsible for understanding your goals, ability and willingness to accept investment risk when recommending a portfolio that is suitable for you. Assante Connect and its portfolio managers have in-depth knowledge of all securities that they buy and sell or recommend for your account(s). Your portfolio manager knows each security well enough to understand and explain the risks, key features, and initial and ongoing costs and fees. Your advisor is not able to provide investment advice for your Assante Connect accounts.

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