Fee Schedule

Fee Agreement 

Assante Connect will charge the Client an annual Investment Management Fee of 0.40% per annum based on the assets in your Account, plus applicable taxes, in accordance with the terms below.

The Investment Management Fee will be inclusive of the following costs incurred by the Account:

  1. Annual account administration fees; and
  2. Trading commissions.

The Investment Management Fee does not include fees associated with account closures or transfers out, or other administrative fees charged by our Custodian, CI Investment Services Inc., an affiliate of Assante Connect.

The Client may have entered into an arrangement with an affiliated dealing representative at Assante Financial Management Ltd. or Assante Capital Management Ltd., whereby the Client has agreed to pay the dealing representative a fee (the "Service Fee") of up to 1.00% per annum calculated as a percentage of the value of the assets in the Account, plus applicable taxes, in accordance with the terms below. The Service Fee shall be calculated daily based on the value of the assets in the Account. As directed by the Client, Assante Connect will withdraw the Service Fee, plus applicable taxes, from the Account within 45 days following the last business day of the month and pay the Service Fee, plus applicable taxes to the dealer. The fee calculation will start following the account opening date. The account opening date will be defined as the date of the initial deposit.

Fees will also be due when the Client requests a full withdrawal or transfer out.

The Client will additionally incur the fees embedded in the exchange-traded funds purchased on the client's behalf. Assante Connect does not earn or receive any portion of that fee. However, as disclosed in the Relationship Disclosure Information, those fees are paid to our affiliates, CI Investments Inc.  

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