Changes to the Relationship Disclosure Information

As of June 28, 2021

How has the Relationship Disclosure Information changed?

We reformatted the disclosure to make it easier to read and understand in order to provide you with greater transparency about our policies. We also added some new disclosures, and made a few changes to our policies.

These are the material changes that may impact how we work with you.

We added information about:

  • our team approach to providing you with advice and service
  • how often we invest cash in your account
  • how we calculate and charge our management fees
  • the impact of fees on your return, specifically that “the management fee we charge reduces the return of your account over time”
  • added a link to a new page with our most recent fee schedule
  • management expense ratio (MER) fees charged by third parties
  • foreign exchange fees charged when we convert foreign currency in your account
  • monitoring our employees’ outside business activities to ensure they don’t “impair our ability to serve you and is consistent with our duty to deal fairly, honestly, and in good faith with you.”

We removed or changed some details:

  • moved information about the Risks of Investing to their own page
  • updated our explanation of a conflict of interest as “any circumstance where the interests of a client and those of Assante Connect or individuals acting on our behalf are inconsistent or divergent.” 
  • updated our Conflict of Interest policy to clarify that “we take reasonable steps to identify and respond to material conflicts of interest and conflicts that are reasonably foreseeable.”
  • moved our Personal Trading Policy to its own section
  • updated the list of Assante Connect affiliates to “CI Global Asset Management, CI Private Counsel LP, Assante Financial Management Ltd., CI Direct Investing Inc., CI Investment Services Inc., Assante Connect Inc., One Capital Management LLC, Aligned Capital Partners Inc., Lawrence Park Asset Management Ltd. and Marret Asset Management Inc.”
  • moved some details about our privacy policy to a new Privacy Notice available at

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