Verifying your identity

After you have submitted an Assante account application, our team will be working behind the scenes to verify your identity.  Our first step is a soft credit check to confirm your personal details with the information held at a credit rating agency.  This soft credit check does not allow us to check your credit score.  

Sometimes, the information provided by the credit rating agency is not sufficient to verify your identity.  A few examples include:

- A discrepancy between the information you have provided Assante Connect and that of the credit rating agency

- You do not have an existing file with a credit rating agency

- Your file with an existing credit rating agency has only existed for a brief period

When situations like this arise, our team will reach out and request the following two documents:

1. Your bank account statement – not a scanned copy of a paper statement but rather the electronic statement downloaded from your banking website.


 2. One other electronic document issued by either of the following:

  • Government body (i.e. CRA, Service Canada, etc...)

  • A utility or cell phone company

  • An investment company

  • An insurance company

  • A Credit Card provider

You can upload these documents to your Documents page.

We also wanted to give you more context on why we need these documents. We are required to identify anyone who requests a non-registered account, in order to fulfill our legal obligations. Since we are not dealing with you in person, we need to do this identity verification with electronic documents.

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